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Artist Bio

Artist Bio

I am from Brownsville, Brooklyn. My name is not Mike Tyson. I am not a boxer. I am a photographer. My name is Brock Mills. Well, kind of. I was born Terrell Mills. One day in 2006 while thinking about the relationship I had with my father, I thought about how cool his middle name was. And I wanted it. So I took the cool name. Then after that I took a renewed interest in my innate abilities and started making cool art.

My name change ignited more change. I quit the clothing retail job I'd had for three years at __________ without a Plan B. A few months later I landed a new retail job at __________ but this time it was at an art store. After years of watching recycled prints on clothing sell for enormous profits I started hand painting original designs on t-shirts. Not for profit, but I was seeking another way to promote my art. Soon after that the promotional tool birthed an ecommerce website.

After months of research I purchased my first DSLR in June 2009. I read that every start-up website/blog owner should invest in a great digital camera. I did, but instead of taking photos of my product, I also started taking photos of New York City. A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge changed my life. While engulfed by the fog, suspended above the East River I realized I wanted to take pictures forever. Three months after the purchase, for my first shoot I was commissioned to photograph Jay Z protégé, Young Chris. In March 2010, I quit my job at unsaid art store but I had a clearer plan as to what I wanted to do. That May I donated four photographs to the Home Garden Television Show, Home Rules. The Images were given to a family as part of a home makeover. My life makeover was happening quicker than I could imagine.

Coming from Brownsville, I always wanted the less desirable places or things to be seen as the opposite. With my photography I aspire to give the viewer a mental makeover. My belief is that beauty can also be seen in the most unattractive subjects. I think that is cooler than any name!